Construction Safety Management Software

A New Way to Manage OSHA Safety Consultant Standards in Roofing

As a roofing contractor, there’s already plenty on your plate to deal with in addition to making sure that you’re remaining compliant with OSHA safety standards.

Wicked OSHA’s web-based app makes keeping you and your employees safe easier than ever with simple, paperless OSHA compliance tools. Welcome to the best way to stay 100% OSHA compliant, 100% of the time!

How Does It Work?

With Wicked OSHA roofing safety software, your roofing contractor business doesn’t need to worry about physical manuals or shuffling through piles of documents. Instead, our digital, guided process makes OSHA compliance both easier and simpler than you ever imagined it could be with our construction health and safety management software.  


Generate Roofing Site Safety Plans in Seconds

Quickly generate a safety plan for your roofing jobs by entering your geographic location in the app and the type of roofing work you’ll be completing. With a single click, our osha construction safety app will populate a comprehensive safety plan, clearly identifying occupational and potential geographic hazards and outlining the process to eliminate these risks. 

Get Safety Data Sheets Instantly

One of the most common OSHA citations is hazard communication. Easily keep track of hazardous materials with easy access to safety data sheets (SDS). Just enter your relevant SDSs into the our safety program app for instant access to important hazard information.

Hundreds of Training Manuals

Our osha construction safety app contains over 100 ready-to-use and easy-to-understand OSHA training manuals to prepare your roofing team for potential hazards while out on the job. The app contains everything you and your team needs to begin your OSHA compliance program, and new materials are being added regularly. On top of that, you can easily upload additional training that is specific to roofing, or let our construction safety app create customized training just for you!

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Engagement & Accountability Are Built In

Safety with a roofing team is a shared responsibility, but it can still be difficult to always be aware of what’s going on at a job site. With Wicked OSHA roofing safety app, you can set alerts and prompts for employees to complete training on their phones directly on the app, receive notifications when training has been completed, and monitor status from anywhere!

Maintain Digital Incident Logs

Like most companies, roofing companies are required by law to maintain complete and accurate logs of injuries suffered by roofers within seven days of the incident. If this record-keeping isn’t done correctly, the consequences can be severe. Keep your roofing business compliant easily by completing digital incident logs in the Wicked OSHA app — a process that usually takes less than 30 minutes to complete. 

Your Cost-Effective

OSHA Compliance Roofing Solution

As your roofing business grows, you have more and more things to protect. When you begin utilizing the Wicked OSHA app, you’ll have instant access to thousands of dollars worth of safety materials that will keep your roofers safe and reduce liabilities — and this library of resources is constantly growing! The more your roofing team uses these resources, the more value you’ll get, and at no additional cost. As for the time and headaches saved? That’s something you can’t put a price on.

Are You Ready to Try

Wicked OSHA For Your Roofing Business?

So what are you waiting for? There’s an easier way to keep your roofing business compliant with OSHA standards and keep your team working safely. Contact us today for a pricing quote, request a free trial, and even request a demo so that you can see how everything works. Get started today!