A New Way To Be Wicked Safe

Wicked OSHA makes it possible for contractors to achieve 100% OSHA compliance 100% of the time, and does so in a way that makes the process easier than you ever thought possible. Wicked OSHA’s web-based app is paperless, convenient, and extremely user-friendly. Get ready for an absolute game-changer in maintaining OSHA safety standards for your contracting business!

A Better Way to Stay OSHA-Compliant

Keeping your contracting business compliant with OSHA safety standards is something that often weighs heavily in the back of business owners’ minds — just about as heavy as the piles of paperwork that are often associated with it. With Wicked OSHA, you can finally say goodbye to all of that paper and begin digitally managing your contracting business’ OSHA practices in a single, easy-to-use app.

How Does It Work?

Inside the Wicked OSHA app, you’ll find absolutely everything you need to keep your team safe and up-to-date with OSHA standards, as well as all the tools you need to accurately log and track relevant information.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll get with an affordable subscription to the app:


Quickly Generate Safety Plans

With Wicked OSHA, you can generate site-specific safety plans lightning-fast. Simply enter your geographic location and the type of work that your team will be performing, and with a single click, our intelligent app will populate a totally comprehensive safety plan that identifies occupational and potential geographic safety hazards, as well as outlines an easy-to-follow process to help eliminate these risks. 

Instant Access to Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

One of the top OSHA citations is directly tied to hazard communication. All contractors are required to keep an accurate inventory of chemicals that they come into contact with and utilize, and employees must have the requisite training and access to SDSs for the hazardous materials they encounter. Simply enter the SDS that is relevant to your business and Wicked OSHA will instantly put important hazard information at your fingertips.

We Make OSHA Training a Breeze

Until now, OSHA trainings have been time-consuming and difficult to keep on top of for business owners. No more! Wicked OSHA is completely stacked with over 100 ready-to-use and easy-to-follow OSHA training courses that effectively prepare your contracting team for all of the potential hazards that are relevant to your line of work. Our app’s training programs contain everything you need to start your OSHA-compliance program, and new materials are constantly being added to our training library. Additionally, you can upload your own additional training that is specific to your line of work, or you can let our safety app create a customized training program just for you!

Stay Connected With Your Team

As the old idiom goes, “many hands make light work.” Job site safety is a shared responsibility, and that responsibility is made easier when communication between employers and employees is clear and simple. With Wicked OSHA, you can set alerts and prompts for employees to complete necessary safety training directly on their phone via the app, receive notifications when training modules have been completed, and monitor safety status from anywhere. This is just one more way Wicked OSHA makes staying compliant even easier!

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Incident Logs Made Simple

The last thing that you want is for yourself or one of your employees to get injured while on the job — but it happens, unfortunately, sometimes even in spite of your best efforts. By law, companies are required to maintain accurate and comprehensive incident logs that outline injuries within seven days of taking place. If this process isn’t executed properly or done incorrectly, the ensuing consequences can be cause for a serious headache and severe consequences. Stay compliant easily in less than 30 minutes by completing digital incident logs in the Wicked OSHA app to help keep yourself, your employees, and your business protected. 


Cost-Effective OSHA Compliance

The bigger your business gets, the more people and things are your responsibility to protect. With Wicked OSHA, you’ll receive instant access to literally thousands of dollars worth of vital safety materials that keep your employees safe and reduce liabilities. This library of information and tools keeps growing every single day! The more your team utilizes the app, the more value you will get from it, and at no additional cost. That’s something that you just can’t put a price on.

Create a Safety Culture in Your Workforce

For most companies, OSHA compliance is usually viewed as a chore that is associated with a certain amount of dread. With Wicked OSHA, however, safety compliance is simple and convenient. Your employees’ well-being is kept front and center and everyone can easily do their part to create an OSHA-compliant safety culture.

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What can the Wicked OSHA app do?

calendar icon


  • Can see when trainings are scheduled
  • Can sync it to other calendars
  • Can see events like any other calendar
logo icon

Company Specific Logo

  • 300, 300A 301 that Osha requires at your fingertips
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  • Pre-set programs ready in our database including state-specific programs
  • All programs branded to your company name
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Safety Data Sheets

  • Upload & easily access your SDS’s
  • Assign specific SDS's to a specific job site.
employee icon

Employee Tab

  • Employee’s information
  • Profile picture
  • Emergency contacts & Medical info
  • Certifications, trainings, programs, etc
inspection icon


  • Assign any inspection type to an employee
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Easily add sub-contractors to the app and see:

  • Their certificates (and if they expired)
  • Your agreement
  • Site specific safety plans
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Contractor’s contact information.


  • Includes 4 required Osha training headlines
  • Choose which training & when you want that training
  • Assign trainings to all or to specific workers
  • Creates pop-up notification for employee
  • Tests at the end of trainings
  • Upload your own trainings

Are You Ready to Try Wicked OSHA?

So what are you waiting for? There’s an easier way to keep your contracting business compliant with OSHA standards and keep your team working safely. Contact us today for a pricing quote, request a free trial, and even request a demo so that you can see how everything works. Get started today!