Why Wicked OSHA IS Worth It in the Long Run

OSHA complaints are often the result of a failure to understand the proper safety protocols. At Wicked OSHA, we’ve created a workplace safety app that will help keep everyone on your work site safe and informed. Our app helps companies stay up to date with their safety standards in a modern, easy-to-use way. The Wicked OSHA app is worth it for you and your employees! 





Hundreds of Convenient Trainings and Resources

Preparing all of the team members in your workplace is essential for following OSHA regulations. The Wicked OSHA workplace safety app provides access to hundreds of training materials that your employees can access anywhere and anytime! Our app keeps you up to date with new materials, so you are always in compliance with current standards. Everything you need to set your workplace up for OSHA compliance is at your fingertips! 






OSHA safety standards can be a lot to manage. Ensuring your employees have read, understand, and will implement all of these standards is tricky when you’re using the old OSHA training methods. With our work safety app, everything is organized on a stress-free platform, allowing you to access information and keep track of all of your documents. 





Build Accountability with your Team

Rather than attempting to keep everyone engaged during a routine OSHA meeting, the Wicked OSHA app encourages accountability within your team. The app prompts employees to take safety matters seriously and holds them accountable for completing them. When you use our app to implement safety standards at the workplace, your team will trust that you value their safety on the job.





Efficient and Affordable Work Safety App

Paying for safety training and materials will add up over time. Through our OSHA safety app, you’ll be saving money with our pricing system based on team size. Whether you have a small crew or a large one, we will adjust your monthly costs accordingly. Our workplace safety app will help you streamline your OSHA training, all for an affordable price.



The old way of workplace safety is outdated and tedious —upgrade your team’s safety with Wicked OSHA. Be Wicked Safe, and chat with us today!