Scaffolding Requirements

On any work site, it is imperative that management and compliance officers have all of the information they need to keep their workers safe and remain within the standards set by OSHA. OSHA’s construction safety requirements regarding scaffolding (29 CFR 1926.451) have several rules when it comes to the use of scaffolding on job sites. Learn more about what these standards entail from the expert team at Wicked OSHA. Reach out to our expert team for additional information and to chat with us today!

Fall Protection and Guardrail Height

Two of the most important safety measures that employers should take regarding scaffolding are ensuring that employees have fall protection and that guardrails are a specific height. As far as fall protection is concerned, any worker that is 10 feet or more off of the ground needs to utilize fall arrest systems. This rule can be worked around if the scaffolding has a guardrail that is at least 38 inches high.

Cross Bracing and Midrails

Another OSHA standard is that workplaces should utilize cross bracing, a technique where two or more braces are crossed to enhance the support of scaffolding. Midrails, the middle bars in the rails of scaffolding, ensure that workers don’t fall through. Cross bracing used as a midrail should be roughly 20 to 30 inches high in relation to the platform.

Footings and Platforms

Scaffold footing is one of the most important parts of the entire structure, as it allows workers to move safely around. Platforms and footing need to be level and also be able to support the fully loaded scaffold. Any other components like legs or poles should be able to take weight off of the base plates and mud sills.

Capacity and Training

Of course, it is a requirement that workplace scaffolding has a proper loading capacity to operate within regulations. Every scaffold needs to be able to support 4 times of its maximum intended load. OSHA also requires everyone using scaffolding systems to be properly trained. This includes knowing proper material handling, inherent hazards, how to minimize risk, load capacities, and more

Violations of OSHA regulations can leave managers and compliance officers on job sites liable to potential financial and legal issues. This is why it is crucial that everyone is informed about these standards and follow them at all times. The worker safety app from Wicked OSHA makes it easy to stay compliant. Get in contact with our team to chat about scaffolding and other workplace safety standards now.