Hazard Communication Standard, General Industry (29 CFR 1910.1200)

When it comes to workplace safety, it can be hard to determine if you are following all of the protocols necessary. However, workplace safety is immensely important to ensure that the health of your employees and company is in good condition for years to come. At Wicked OSHA, we understand just how important workplace safety is and we made following protocols and standards even easier. Our mobile app helps owners, managers, and employees understand the safety protocols put in place and helps them to follow regulations easier. Keep reading to learn more about the Hazard Communications Standard and how our app can help you with your workplace safety!

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Changing Standards

Just like many other standards, the Hazard Communication Standard continues to change to keep up with evolving technology and regulations put into the workplace. Essentially, this standard helps people to understand what needs to be labeled and how it should be labeled to ensure that anyone who comes into contact with potentially dangerous chemicals understands what they are dealing with.

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Important Regulations

Standard regulations are important to keep everyone safe now and into the future. Dealing with hazardous chemicals can ultimately lead to problems in the future so any chemical must be correctly labeled to ensure that it is handled correctly to minimize the potential for workplace injuries.

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How to Know What’s Included

It can be hard to determine which chemicals need to be in compliance with standard regulations. However, with our mobile app, you have access to important documents that can help you follow these regulations at your fingertips.

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Overall Safety

The overall safety of workers is our highest priority at Wicked OSHA. We are constantly working to ensure that our mobile app is keeping up with the daily demands to create safer workplaces. Whether you need to check regulations or you need custom safety plans, our app does it all! Together, we can create safer workplaces for now and into the future.

Keep your workplace safe by learning the importance of following the Hazard Communication Standard, General Industry (29 CFR 1910.1200). At Wicked OSHA, we understand that it can be hard to keep up with changing regulations but our mobile app makes it easier. Stay safe and chat with us today to learn more about our mobile app features!