4 Ways Working With Wicked OSHA Is Convenient for Me

It is no secret that every job can come with hazards, regardless of the job title. That is why at Wicked OSHA, our highest priority is working to keep workers safe. No matter what the job may be, our team helps upper management come up with safer work protocols in order to make every project run not only successfully but safely. Keep reading to learn more about why Wicked Osha is convenient and contact our team today to learn more about what we do to keep you safe.

Safety in Minutes

Wicked OSHA is a work safety app that is designed to give you safety and convenience, so that you don’t have to compromise one for another. With our app, you can have a customized safety plan in minutes. Every business is different and your safety plans should be customized to the projects you have at hand.


Take the safety on the go with you! Our mobile app means that you don’t have to wait for the safety procedures and precautions you need, you already have them on your digital device. No matter where your project takes you, we will be right there with you.

Stress-Free Document Management

Stay organized and prepared with our stress-free document management. When you need specific documents the most, you will already have them at your fingertips. Our app allows you to find documents faster whether you need them for personal use or sharing.

Monitoring Features

You can’t always have eyes on everything that needs them but with our built-in accountability and monitoring features, you can have an extra pair. Monitor your projects and check how well they are following OSHA guidelines with this feature. At Wicked OSHA, we believe that you can never be too safe or too prepared.

Wicked OSHA takes safety one step higher by providing you with an easy to use app that you can take on the go. The safety of your employees and projects is our top priority and we work hard to make it convenient so that you can keep the work flowing. Learn more about our OSHA safety app features by chatting with us today!